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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Place An Order?


Welcome to my shop! Placing an order is easy. Simply press any of the buttons appearing to the left hand side of your screen and then click again on the coin/s that attract your attension. Decide which coins you want to purchase and press the 'add' button corresponding to the coin. The coin will be added in your cart. If you need two or more coins simply repeat the same procedure. When you are done, press the 'Cart' button appearing on the top right of your screen and use PAYPAL or your credit card to pay for the transaction. As simple as that! 



Checkout Payment and Shipping

When you finish shopping, simply select the'Cart' button located in the top right of your screen and then check your order. If everything is ok, simply proceed selecting the 'CHECKOUT' button and then select your country and city if possible. Your address is on your PAYPAL so I will be sending to your address on PAYPAL or the one provided by you. Use PAYPAL or your credit card to pay for the transaction and you are done! 


Postage and packing costs are $7.50 per order and up to 30 gr. weight. Postage fee's vary for heavier items, so if your order is heavier due to many coins, please contact us beforehand and we shall contact you back with the exact weight of your order and amount of p&p costs you need to pay. We always dispatch orders within one working day with registered, tracked postage and to any destination in the world!

We can provide the tracking number after the order is dispacthed and you can track your order from your country postage website. i.e. for U.S. buyers through


Receive time is 4 to 15 days within Europe because we are located in Greece, Europe. From my experience it takes 10 to 25 days to the United States and rest of the world.


Multiple orders are welcomed, but again contact me beforehand because depedning on how big the order is, more time is necessary for the coins to be struck, marked and get ready for shipment.



Few words about the coin minting techniques

All the coins you see in these plates are High Quality Museum Restrike coins. Authentic reproductions of the original coins located in Museums and private collections. The coins are produced with the same techniques our ancestors used, 2500 years ago ! All coins produced, are hammered coins, struck with upper and lower dyes.

The material (metal) used for the common coins is a white metal alloy based on Tin (Sn). Some of the coins, please check the description of each coin, are made with precious metals like 24 K Gold (Au) and 99.9 % Silver (Ag) Hence we have 24 K Gold plated coins on silver core and solid Silver coins.

All kinds of coins are marked on the rim with tiny little letters with the word 'COPY' or with the letter 'C'. You will probably need a magnifying glass to see this.  




Secure Ordering & Payment Options

For every item purchased I always provide tracking number to buyer and you may watch your order through your country postage company webpage. i.e. For the United States through tracking system. If you need help again do not hesitate to contact me and I would be more than happy to provide other options depending on your country of residence.


I accept payments from all major credit cards and PayPal.




Returns & Refunds

You bought a coin/s and you changed your mind? No problem and no harm done! I accept any item/s back within 30 days of purchase, provided that you return it in the same condition as purchased.

Refund will be provided immediately after I receive the item/s back, minus the postage fee of the transaction.


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