Israel, Judea. The Jewish War. 66-70 CE. Tin Shekel (11 g). Year 2 (Half Shekel of Israel, Year 2).  Chalice with pearled rim. Reverse:  (Jerusalem the holy), three pomegranate buds, round base. Hendin 1358.

This coin is 24K Gold plated in a thin layer or pure silver.

24K Gold Plated Jewish Judean Biblical Shekel Coin

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  • These coins are made with a thin layer of 24K Gold (Au)plating on a silver (Ag) plated copper. The inner core of each coin is copper (Cu) and/or nickel (Ni) and/or tin (Sn).
    All coins are lead (Pb) free products.
    All coins offered have no ferromagnetic properties. Not attracted by magnets.

    Au, Ag, Cu, Ni, Pb and Sn are metallic chemical elements.

    All coins presented in my website are Museum Quality Replica Ancient coins and not authentic ancient coins.
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