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This is a 925/1000 Sterling Silver Pendant (New - Never worn)

Featuring a depiction of the famous Judas silver coin, the Judean Shekel that is said to be the one received by Judas, one of Jesus Christ disciples, who actually had betrayed his master for 30 silver pieces. There is a debate on which exactly was the silver coin that Judas got to betray Jesus, but most likely its this coin, depicting Herakles on the obverse side and the Eagle on the reverse side.


This is not an authentic ancient coin. However its an accurate reproduction is Sterling silver.


A wonderful present for every lady or gentleman. This includes a 60 cm chain again in Sterling silver. 

Great birthday present for any History enthusiast or use your imagination!

Delivery of this item only in 3 to 5 business days via UPS courier service, telephone number required for delivery at your doorstep.

925/1000 Sterling Silver Judas Pendant Herakles / Eagle Jesus Christ

  • This jewellery is made with fine Sterling Silver! Silver content is 925/1000 and it bares a stamp 925.

    Size/Diameter 28-30 mm and weight 14.4 grams.

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