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CRETE, Sybrita. 4th century BC. Stater (7.5 grams), c. 320. Bearded head of Dionysos to right, wearing wreath of vine leaves; to right, bunch of grapes. Rev. ΣΥΒΡΙΤΙΩΝ Head of Hermes to right, wearing petasos and chlamys; to right, kerykeion. Kraay Hirmer 555 (same dies). Svoronos, Numismatique 4. pl. 30, 16 (same dies). Traité III, 1712 and pl. CCLIX, 6 (this coin). Extremely rare and of splendid late classical - early hellenistic style. Struck in high relief and toned.

The coinage of Sybrita is remarkably attractive, albeit very rare. The town was an insignificant one, located at the foot of Mount Ida, and it must have produced its coins out of local pride, utilizing the finest engravers available.

Crete, Sybrita, Dionysos r. / Hermes r. Kerykeion

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  • These coins/medals are made of a metal alloy and not a precious metal.
    This particular type of coin is Silver plated with pure 99.9% silver.
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