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Greece, Macedonia, THESSALY, Gyrton. Circa 340s-330s BC. AR Hemidrachm (16mm, 3.08 g, 12h). Head of nymph Gyrtone facing, turned slightly to the l., her hair bound with a ribbon; border of dots / ΓΥΡ below the exergue line, [Τ]ΩΝΙΩΝ above, horse r., preparing to roll. Traité IV, 741, pl. CCC, 10 var. [rev. type here is to r.]. See also Nomos 4, 1050 and J. Hirsch XIII (15 May 1905) Rhousopoulos 1272, both with the same obverse die but with reverse type to l. EF, small scratch on the reverse, has been cleaned and now beginning to tone, very rare. 

The few very rare facing nymph hemidrachms and the unique signed profile male head hemidrachm (see Nomos 4, 1048) are the only known silver coins of Gyrton whose bronze coin production was quite plentiful and varied. The city authorities and the locals obviously used the silver of Larissa for their regular transactions and reserved the silver struck in the name of the Gyrtonians for special occasions. The writer owes the refined chronology of the Gyrton silver to Dr. F. Burrer who kindly made available his forthcoming study on the silver coins of this mint.

Greece Macedonia Thessaly Larissa Hemidrachm Coin

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  • These coins/medals are made of a metal alloy and not a precious metal.
    These coins/tokens are made with a white metal alloy, having a base metal of Tin (Sn)
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