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Greece, Peloponnesos, ARGOLIS, Epidauros. Circa 250/45 BC. Drachm (Silver, 4.77 g 12). Laureate head of Apollo Maleatas to right, his hair falling over the nape of his neck. Rev. Ε Bearded Asklepios seated to left on stool, holding a long scepter in his left hand and extending his right over the head of a serpent that coils to left before him; under the throne, hound lying to right; below the seat, ΘΕ. BCD 1240 (this coin). BMC 7, Jameson 2107, SNG Lockett 2508 (all same dies). Requier 57 (this coin). Very rare. Well struck and beautifully toned, possibly the finest Epidauros drachm known). Good extremely fine. 

From the BCD Collection, LHS Numismatics 96, 8 May 2006, 1240.

This is a coin of remarkably fine condition. Normally the drachms of Epidauros are at least somewhat worn, or marred by corrosion. Thus, this piece is exceptional even though it has never been completely cleaned.

This coin depicts Doctor Asklepios, one of the oldest doctors ever.

Greece Peloponnesos Argolis Epidauros. Asklepios

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