GREECE, GREEK COLONIES OF ITALY, CALABRIA, Tarentum. Circa 320-315 BC. AV Stater (8.48 g, 7h). Wreathed head of Hera left, hair in ampyx; three dolphins around / Taras on horseback right, crowning horse; above, Nike flying right, crowning him; dolphin to left, ΣA [and star] below. Fischer-Bossert G11.f (V9/R11) = Vlasto, Or L.2.g (this coin); Vlasto 24 (same obv. die); HN Italy 954 (circa 302 BC).

Greek Colonies Italy Calabria Tarentum Gold Stater

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  • These coins/medals are made of a metal alloy and not a precious metal.
    These coins/tokens are made with a white metal alloy, having a base metal of Tin (Sn)
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