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KINGS of MACEDON. Antigonos III Doson. 229-221 BC. AR Tetradrachm (31mm, 12.3 g). Amphipolis mint(?). Struck circa 227-225 BC. Head of Poseidon right, wearing wreath of marine plants / Apollo, testing bow in extended right hand, seated left on prow left inscribed BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIΓONOY; monogram below. Panagopoulou 174–84 var. (O29/R– [unlisted rev. die]); EHC 436; Touratsoglou 52–3; SNG Berry 368 (same obv. die); Davis 96 (same obv. die); SNG Saroglos 933. 

Macedon Antigonos III Tetradrachm Coin Zeus/Prow

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  • These coins/medals are made of a metal alloy and not a precious metal.
    These coins/tokens are made with a white metal alloy, having a base metal of Tin (Sn) and a thin silver coating on top.
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