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THRACE, Abdera. Circa 450-425 BC. AR Tetradrachm (26mm, 15.00 g, 11h). Kallidamas, magistrate. Griffin seated left on tunny left, raising right foreleg; KA-Λ-ΛIΔ-AMA-Σ around / ABΔ-HP-ITE-ΩN around raised quadripartite incuse square; all within shallow incuse square. May, Abdera 142 (A118/P117); AMNG II 61; SNG Copenhagen –; SNG Newham-Davis 113 (same dies); Nanteuil 703 (same dies); Ward 413 (same dies); Weber 2375 (same dies). Good VF, attractively toned, die break on griffin’s hind quarter. Excellent metal. 

Thrace, Abdera, Tetradrachm, Griffin or Gryphon

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  • These coins/medals are made of a metal alloy and not a precious metal.
    This particular type of coin is Silver plated with pure 99.9% silver.
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